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We were awarded a Certificate of Merit by The Mayor of San Francisco, California for the performance of our DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Ahesive Remover™, Graffiti Shield System™ and work to assist the City to address graffiti vandalism.

ND GRAFFITI SHIELD™ in San Francisco after many years of use

ND Graffiti Shield System™  Application on a new building.S


Pictures of various  ND GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ installations and graffiti removal with our products.

Various before/after pictures from graffiti cleaning jobs, and application and use of Graffiti Shield.

DISAPPEAR Organic Graffiti/Adhesive/Paint Remover™ in use by our Dealer in ISRAEL:

Safe Graffiti Removal From Plexiglass Using Our Disappear™

Read what some of our happy clients wrote to us about these products:

Just a letter to express my appreciation on your wonderful product, GRAFFITI SHIELD. We applied it to our apartment building exterior. It worked wonderfully. Now, with Disappear™ on the market and available to us, we know we can continue to keep the building looking presentable. The owners are pleased with the results and I, as a property manager, would be delighted to recommend this product for use. It’s great to think that it really is possible to clear up graffiti and keep a fresh appearance.

October 23, 1991 – EMERALD FUND, California


  I am using your GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ and it is great so far. By the way your ND Disappear™ cleaner is the best I have ever used!

March 1st, 2006 – Remmel, Donald, TSgt, 222CBCS, DP, Costa Mesa, California

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