New Dimensions Solutions® offers a unique water-based salt solution that effectively degreases and cleans heavily soiled concrete surfaces. By penetrating the pores, this solution releases trapped dirt, allowing it to be easily rinsed away with water. As a result, the original masonry surface is left clean, hard, and intact. Additionally, our solution leaves a fine frosting that, when sealed with our SKID SAFE and ND AGGREGATE™ products, ensures proper adhesion of the SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish. With the use of our ND AGGREGATE™, you can achieve TRUE TRACTION—a non-slip surface—without compromising the aesthetics of the concrete, dyes, or paints.

Use Concrete Bond & Clean™ to clean all unsealed concrete surfaces:

Effective Chewing Gum Stain Removal

Our advanced cleaning solution is specifically designed to tackle the stubborn problem of chewing gum stains. With our powerful formula, we can effectively remove chewing gum from a variety of surfaces, including sidewalks, concrete surfaces, dirty walls, and even entire buildings.

Complete Stain Elimination

Not only does our product remove the chewing gum itself, but it also eliminates any residual stains left behind. Our specialized formula works deep within the pores of the surface to dissolve and lift the stains, restoring the cleanliness and appearance of the affected areas.

A Pristine Environment

Say goodbye to unsightly chewing gum stains and welcome a clean and pristine environment. Our reliable solution ensures that your surfaces are free from chewing gum remnants, providing a refreshed and inviting atmosphere.

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A unique water-based salt solution which degreases and cleans the heaviest soiled concrete surfaces like new. It works by penetrating the pores and releasing the trapped dirt inside.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Solution:

That way, after rinsing with water, the loosened grime washes off, leaving the original masonry surface clean, hard and intact. It also deposits a fine frosting which when sealed with our SKID SAFE and ND AGGREGATE™ will ensure the proper adhesion of SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish. Our ND AGGREGATE™ will create TRUE TRACTION – a non-slip surface without affecting the aesthetics of the concrete, dyes, or paints.

Application Areas:

  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Garages and Driveways
  • Warehouses and other indoor/outdoor concrete areas

Easy to Use and Cost-Effective

CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN is a user-friendly product that requires no scrubbing. Simply use it straight from the container. It offers a generous spread rate of 150 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. per gallon, providing excellent coverage for your concrete surfaces.

An Innovative and Safer Alternative

Unlike traditional methods like shot blasting or harsh acid-based products, CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN offers a more effective and safer solution. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Muriatic acid, or Sodium Hydroxide. Instead, it provides exceptional cleaning power without damaging the surfaces.

Enhanced Adhesion for SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish

CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN not only cleans but also creates optimal adhesion for the application of SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish. This combination ensures high slip resistance and traction, making it suitable for various slick surfaces. By adding our special ND AGGREGATE™, the floor becomes non-slip both wet and dry.

Multi-Purpose Protection

With CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN, you can achieve a non-slip floor finish that enhances safety in both residential and commercial settings. Our ND AGGREGATE™ is virtually unnoticeable and provides a comfortable walking experience. It is also ideal for areas like swimming pools, saunas, and showers, offering reliable slip resistance.

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Along with CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN, you can also explore these additional products:

  • SKID SAFE – An extremely high slip-resistant floor finish that reduces fall hazards on slick flooring surfaces.
  • ND AGGREGATE™ – When combined with SKID SAFE, it creates a non-slip floor finish with true traction.

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Applications Directions:

Adjacent areas must be properly protected when using this product. Though harmless to most building surfaces, the damage CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ causes to glass and  soft metal is considered permanent. Cover all nearby windows and aluminum with plastic sheeting and plastic tape. Also, protect vegetation. CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ turns foliage brown on contact, and if drawn up through plants roots, it dehydrates and can kill them. Cover plants with plastic sheeting to keep concentrated CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ off foliage, and protect roots by either containing the rinse or trenching it away.




1. Do the Patch Test on a small inconspicuous area to confirm compatibility and to determine how long you need to let CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ soak to achieve the appearance that you like. Apply the product to the entire area needing cleaning. Greasy/oily concrete requires brush agitation of Concrete Bond & Clean™. Use a deck brush to agitate the surface and allow CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ to get down into the pores of the floor. Soiled/dirty concrete does not require brushing! The soaking time is usually between 30 – 60 minutes, but you must determine it by yourself by observation of your surfaces. Only then, once you have established that CONCRETE BOND & CLEANT™ is suitable for you, and you know how long you need to have it soaking proceed with the entire job area.

2. Brush, roll or spray CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ onto a dry surface, thoroughly wetting it.

3. Allow CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ enough time to work, leaving it on as long as your Patch Test determined.

4. Rinse the loosened grime from the surface with clean water. Pressure washer is usually the easiest and the most convenient way to do this work.

5. Allow the cleaned concrete to dry out thoroughly about 24 hours before sealing with SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish and ND AGGREGATE™ to ensure that moisture is not trapped below the surface. Spraying on CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™: Avoid wind drifts and soak the cleaned surface well. A pump up sprayer or low-pressure electric prep pump (50 to 60 psi), outfitted with a saturation nozzle (fan shaped spray) works best for this operation. Do not run CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ downstream through a pressure washer because this dilutes it nor by applying it with a low-pressure airless sprayer because they atomize solutions.

TOOLS TO USE: A power-painting roller can be an ideal way to apply CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ on walks, driveways, patios, plazas or other large flat areas. Units, fitted with large commercial size rollers and mounted on extension handles, allow users to rapidly apply material while completely eliminating overspray.

LIMITATIONS: Though CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ cleans virtually anything, which affects the appearance of concrete, it is not designed to remove graffiti or strip paint, nor does it remove hardened crusts and some types of staining which occur on masonry.



SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles, when handling CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™. Ventilate enclosed areas. If CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ gets on skin or into eyes, rinse immediately with water. See Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed hazard evaluation and safety information. CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™  releases no V.O.C.s. When used properly, it poses no threat to the environment. Dispose of all wastes safely according to federal, state and local regulations.

FIRST AID: Rinse eyes thoroughly for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Rinse skin 2
thoroughly with running water. If ingested drink large amounts of water or milk, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING, and seek medical attention.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The user accepts full responsibility and risk in testing this product for the particular application. In no event shall NEW DIMENSIONS Solutions, LLC be liable for consequential or incidental damages exceeding the cost of this product.


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