DISAPPEAR Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™

Natural, low VOC paint remover that strips even multiple thick coats of latex paints.

DISAPPEAR Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™ features the highest quality natural, renewable ingredients in optimum balance to achieve maximum performance, with compliance with California VOC regulations. Its features/benefits are surpassing anything that we have seen. You can use it indoor/outdoor in your facilities, buses, trains, trucks, street signs, walls, fences, etc. You can use it on all masonry, painted surfaces, wood, glass, metals, wood, upholstery, and carpets. This product can harm many plastics causing permanent damage. Test it on an inconspicuous plastic sample before using.

Quickly Removes – With Virtually No Odor In Use:

  • All graffiti spray paints, markers, inks, crayon and lipstick
  • Adhesives, tapes, decals, and bumper stickers
  • All chewing gums and bubble gums
  • All old glues/mastics on flooring after carpet removal

Strips multiple thick coats of latex paints with sufficient soaking time.

Disappear Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™ is specially designed NOT to dry out when applied over paints, even after many hours of soaking time.

Disappear Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™ is ideal for daily:
– INDOOR GRAFFITI CLEANING, because of its extremely low odor
– OUTDOOR GRAFFITI CLEANING, because it removes all graffiti paints – GUARANTEED!*
– STRIPPING OF MULTIPLE THICK LAYERS OF LATEX PAINTS, because it has very long drying time

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See how DISAPPEAR Organic UltraGraffiti & Paint Remover™ strips very old, multi-layer paints to the bare wood.

The City of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco invited us to assist in their efforts to remove graffiti vandalism in 1992. The pictures show the kits we prepared for volunteers to remove graffiti with DISAPPEAR Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™.

The two boards pictured here were treated with our GRAFFITI SHIELD SYSTEM™ which demonstrated that the graffiti “Stop Graffiti” could be easily removed with our proprietary remover without harming the base paint on the boards.


DISAPPEAR Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™ can do permanent damage to many plastics such as Lexan XL® and Duraplex®. Always pre-test our product on a small inconspicuous area of plastic, or on a sample piece of the type plastic where our remover will be used before using it on the intended project area. USE AT FULL STRENGTH! Do Not Dilute This Product With Water. Be aware that the residue of the mixture of our product, paint, graffiti, adhesives and water should be disposed of properly according to State and Federal regulations. Do not use for graffiti removal from our ND GRAFFITI SHIELD™.

Graffiti Cleaning: Pour, or brush over graffiti and wait 1 – 5 minutes. Then, either scrub with a stiff-bristled brush, or wipe off the graffiti with a rag. Repeat if necessary with a longer dwelling time. Rinse, or powerwash the area clean with water.

Paint Removal (Water Based or Oil Based Paints): Pour, or brush and allow the product to work as long as necessary to bubble up/soften the paint. Scrape or brush off the loosened paint. Paint can be affected for removal very quickly depending on the number of coats of old paint and its age. This product will not dry out if left soaking on paint for hours, or overnight, if not left in a direct sunlight. Extra thick/tough multiple paints might require repeat of the treatment.

Adhesives (glues, tapes, labels, etc.): Liberally pour over area to be cleaned and let it soak until adhesives or gum softens (2-15 minutes). Remove tapes, labels, or chewing gum with a putty knife, or suitable implement. Reapply the product to remove any residue. Rinse with water. On carpets wipe the area with a damp cloth and blot dry. Warning: This product can loosen glues of carpet backing on some types of carpets.

Chewing Gum Removal:

Chewing Gum Removal: Apply liberally over chewing gum and immediately begin to edge the gum off with a putty knife keeping both wet with our product. For larger areas, soak the sidewalk liberally with our product and allow it to soak on the chewing gum for at least 20 minutes. Then, powerwash the chewing gum off the sidewalk.

CAUTION: Harmful if swallowed. Use chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses when using this product. Use with adequate ventilation.

COMBUSTIBLE – Do not heat nor use near open flame.

FIRST AID: Inhalation: If affected, remove to fresh air. Eye Contact: Flush with tepid water for 15 minutes, lifting upper and lower lids. Ingestion: DO NOT CAUSE VOMITING. Drink two glasses of water. Consult Physician. Skin Contact: Wash with soap and water.

DISAPPEAR Organic Ultra Graffiti & Paint Remover™ is VOC COMPLIANT*: 165 g/l, and it is safe & pleasant to use as directed!

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