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Non Slip Concrete Floor Coatings

This unique water-based anti-slip floor system turns slippery concrete floors into non-slip surface with real true traction. No more slipping & sliding on slippery wet concrete floors. We have successfully used our no slip floor system for many, many years all around the United States and abroad.

Our entire system comes with an extensive 5-year warranty, ensuring that you won’t have to be concerned about redoing the finish annually or more frequently. It dries clear, a little rough and does not change the color of concrete floors. You can complete the application in a day, but the benefits will last for many years. The whole system is covered with a generous 5 Year Warranty* so you do not need to worry about stripping and re-doing the finish every year, or so.

Please use our non-slip concrete coating system indoors or outdoors on concrete floors that become wet and slippery.  Ideal for decks (especially decks around swimming pools), ramps, walkways, stairs, locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc.

The contractor sealed, stamped, and stained/painted the concrete floor. Order our No Slip Skid Safe System™ Kit For Vinyl, Wood, Metals And Previously Sealed Surfaces.

Main Benefits

1- ND AGGREGATE™ is extremely hard and durable metalic grit. Heavy foot traffic, even weight of cars is not going to crush it. ND AGGREGATE™ provides unmatched traction and is vastly superior in terms of non-slip/anti-slip properties and durability over any plastic/sand type aggregates. Wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) for No Slip Skid Safe System™ is 0.61. 

2- SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish holds the aggregate and features extremely high skid resistance. This allows for the creation of real non-slip/anti-slip coating. Floor finishes, including epoxies without this high slip resistance, even when used with anti-skid additive, will still be slippery. SKID SAFE is available in a Regular Gloss version, or a Satin/Matte version.

3- Ease of use: No mixing, no special equipment, no difficult application, no unpleasant fumes, easy cleanup. Do-it-yourself, or hire a contractor if you wish.

4- Safety: Our liquids are water based, build with consumer and environment in mind. VOCs are very low and compliant even in California.

5- Longevity: With proper care and maintenance you will not need to strip and re-do the No Slip Skid Safe System™ application for at least 5 years! Please read and follow our Directions.

What is included in the Kit

1- CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™  –  cleans and prepares concrete for perfect bond with SKID SAFE.

2- SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish  –  provides extremely high Skid Resistance, it dries clear and does not change the color of the floor. SKID SAFE works well in all climates, neither salty sea water nor snow can hurt it. This no slip concrete sealer, when applied with ND AGGREGATE™ creates anti-slip concrete coating that does not change color of your floors. Available in a Regular Gloss version, or a Satin/Matte version.

3- ND AGGREGATE™  – is extremely tough metallic grit that provides true traction to stop the skidding dry or wet. It is vastly superior to any silica, or sand used for this purpose by competition. The grade of the grit is  #60, which is perfect size for the job of stopping slips and creating tough anti-slip concrete floor finish. The aggregate is  available in 4 colors: white, brown, green and black. Order white version for all but really dark floors. It blends real well with light colors. Most of the time it will be barely visible, or invisible when standing or sitting in a chair on the floor when lightly broadcast.

Application Involves 3 Easy Steps

– Flooding of the floor with CONCRETE BOND & CLEAN™ and thorough rinsing of all its residues afterwards
– Rolling on a coat of SKID SAFE and immediately sprinkling ND AGGREGATE™ while SKID SAFE is still wet
– Rolling on (or spraying) additional 5 recommended coats of SKID SAFE (30-60 minutes dry time per coat)
Whole job can easily be completed in a day. There are no unpleasant harsh fumes, our liquids are water based, user and environment friendly. The floors can be used next day in light, residential use, or can be covered with cardboard in other settings. Full cure time is 96 hours. Maintenance is easy with just a clear water or with a pH neutral floor cleaner, broom, or brush and water hose. Please read our complete directions before using our products. Do not use SKID SAFE on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days, or in extremely challenged areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used.

Please test our Small System No Slip Skid Safe System™ for Concrete at no risk and see for yourself the tremendous benefits it offers. We Guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back*.

All No Slip Skid Safe Systems™ Are Warranted For 5 Years.*

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The Kits above are calculated for rough, very porous concrete. Smooth, polished concrete requires less material.

Please contact us with description of your concrete floor so we could give you more precise estimate. 




Always test our products on a small area first to ensure adequate surface preparation, compatibility and desired results. Do not use SKID SAFE on areas that will be under standing water over 5 days. Do not use SKID SAFE in extremely challenged traffic areas, like in sporting stadiums/gyms where cleats, or other sharp objects are used. The floor that you are going to seal should be in a sound condition without holes, cracks, water infiltration, etc. We make no claim to prevent slip/fall accidents.  Please read our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions for important details.

It is essential to follow all of our DIRECTIONS. Clean SKID SAFE after it has cured only with a NEUTRAL CLEANER (pH of 7).  It is commonly available in janitorial supply stores. For cleaning you can use a brush and a water hose. We do not recommend using any mops.

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